Bucket tooth manufacturing process flow

Bucket tooth of excavator is an important part of excavator. Similar to human teeth, it is also a wearing part. It is a combination of bucket tooth composed of tooth base and tooth tip, and the two are connected by pin shaft.Because the bucket tooth wear failure part is the tooth tip, as long as the replacement of a tip

Bucket tooth process flow: sand casting, forging, precision casting.

Sand casting: lowest cost and lower process level and bucket tooth quality than precision casting and forging casting.
Forging die casting: the highest cost and the best technology and bucket tooth quality.
Precision casting: moderate cost but very strict requirements on raw materials, the process level is also relatively high.Some precision casting bucket teeth because of the burden of its wear-resistance and quality even better than forging casting bucket teeth.At present, precision casting bucket tooth is the mainstream manufacturing technology in the market.

Bucket tooth molding needs a series of complex processes, but diathermy forging is the most important part of the bucket tooth molding process, diathermy forging can be completed by selecting medium frequency induction heating equipment.