How to distinguish the quality of bucket teeth

How to distinguish the quality of bucket teeth?We can distinguish from several aspects, such as manufacturing process, air hole, thickness of tooth tip and weight of bucket tooth

At present the best craft on market is forging bucket tooth, because forging craft density is high, so bucket tooth not only hardness is high and wear-resisting degree is very good, of course the price also wants expensive many.

The general casting process, from the price and forging process bucket tooth has a clear distinction, of course, feedback in bucket tooth wear-resisting degree and hardness and other details also have an obvious difference.

The air hole of the casting is generally divided into the separated air hole, the invasive air hole and the reverberating air hole.

 Tell simply, the bucket tooth that good craft and material material process come out, stoma is very little, after cutting won’t see aperture big, ball or the stoma of group type, make craft and material on the contrary namely general bucket tooth.

According to weighing, the weight of inferior bucket teeth is the highest, the quality of the second, the lightest is the ordinary type, it can be seen that although bucket teeth from the weight of a certain degree to distinguish the pros and cons, but not 100% accurate!

The construction environment of the excavator directly determines the wear degree and replacement frequency of the bucket tooth. For example, if the excavator does earthwork or sand works, it is generally the same to change the bucket tooth twice a year, because the wear degree will be much smaller

The above points are the way to distinguish