The method of welding and repairing the bucket body and bucket tooth of excavator

The welding and repairing methods of excavator bucket body and bucket tooth are as follows:

Bucket material and its weldability

 1. Clean the welding place before welding

 It is to take off the original cracking welding meat, with the phase grinder grinding or conditional use of carbon arc air plane, but the plane must be polished clean iron oxide

 2. Pre-heating must be carried out before welding

 If possible, preheat the welding position to 100 degrees.Then use the welding rod with a diameter of 3.2J507 for welding, and stop after a short time of welding. Use the hammer to strike the weld and the edge of the weld. After the welding is completed, use the hammer to strike until the weld is basically cooled.The purpose is to release the weld stress, since post-weld heat treatment is not possible.

 3. Suitable welding materials must be selected for welding

 Electrode type is important.If you want to understand what kind of material that you have to take some iron foam test, a test came out, and then according to the distribution of electrode on the line.

 4. The bucket body and bucket tooth welding of excavator must be fully welded

 When welding must ensure the weld penetration, if the weld position gap can be large inside the back plate.


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